The importance of the concept of meta-organization

Our paper was published in the European Management Review on the concept of meta-organization !

In a seminal paper published in 2005 in the Scandinavian Journal of Management, Ahrne and Brunsson introduced into management studies the concept of ‘metaorganization’, which existed already in other fields such as biology. The two Swedish authors used it to refer to an organization whose members are other organizations rather than individuals. Three years later, they published a book on the topic (Ahrne and Brunsson, 2008). In 2012, independently and without quoting Ahrne and Brunsson, Gulati et al. (2012) used again the notion in an article of the Strategic Management Journal. Meta-organizations include a very broad range of structures that belong to the universe of firms, political institutions and non-profit organizations. Beyond this empirical diversity lies an essential reality, namely the growing importance of collective action among organizations. The significance of this field increases as major contemporary societal problems, such as sustainable development in its environmental, economic and social dimensions, human rights, and corporate social responsibility, call for more collective action at a global level. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the concept of ‘meta-organization’ appeared independently in the mid-2000s…

read more about this important topic here !


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